Corporate Leadership and IR

As the CEO or CFO, how much of your time should you dedicate to investor relations in order to satisfy the requirements of being a public company while leading the corporation? The answer varies by company. Surprisingly, the industry in which your company operates and the size of your market cap may not be the determining factors. We recently asked CEOs and CFOs to indicate the average amount of time they personally dedicated annually to investor relations compared with the ideal percentage they would prefer to spend while satisfying the requirements of their IR responsibilities. They were also given the opportunity to choose one reason that best explained the delta. According to the survey, the average amount of time CEOs and CFOs would prefer to spend on investor relations annually is 20 percent. Approximately half indicated they are currently spending 20 percent or less of their time annually on investor […] Read more »

Corporate Controllers and IR

Controllers frequently ask how to become more involved in investor relations as they prepare for the next logical step in their career as chief financial officers. Rather than rely solely on my own experiences, the following response represents a composite of tips for controllers based upon conversations with several investor relations professionals. Opinions from small to large cap companies operating in diverse industries are included. In the past, many new CFOs learned about investor relations on the job only after accepting their first CFO role with a public company. IR is increasingly a team sport and there are more opportunities today for controllers to become involved beyond compliance and SEC reporting. Some companies have formal processes to integrate corporate controllers into IR activities as part of their succession planning efforts and others are less formal. Most corporate controllers participate in preparing management for the public release of earnings such as […] Read more »